Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Day

Hi, I'm Charlie, a compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

I'm in a much better place today. Serene, almost. It's the third day of abstinence, and it feels really good. I know I'm a perfectionist. I know I'm addicted to the scale IN ADDITION TO the food. And I know I'm out of control, so today again I'm turning it over.

Help me, God.

My wife is bringing pizza home. I'm going to have chicken and salad. And I'm OK with that.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Charlie. COE.

::Hi, Charlie!::

Is my relapse over? Will those horrifying numbers stop me? Not if history is any indication.

I have a job now. I'm moving soon. I'm excited. Great things are happening. I need to relax and find serenity again. I was up early this morning, seeking God and reading/journaling. In the power of God, I can do this.

Peace to me. Peace to all of us. And grace, too. Lots of grace.