Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My name is Charlie, and I'm a compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

It's Holy Week. For Christians throughout the world, this is an incredibly important time of the year. It's sacred, set apart, a time to reflect on what, for us, brings our life purpose and meaning.

Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus rose again. In Him, I die - my flesh is crucified with Him. And in Him, I rise again - I rise with Him to new life, to new meaning and purpose, to new joy, to new hope, to a fuller living experience. And in some mysterious way, I enter the Kingdom of God now. I participate in the everlasting life to come right now.

I may be overwhelmed with preparations for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I may be pulling out my hair prepping for choir practices, band and orchestra rehearsals, narration, pageantry, lighting and media, and all the human drama that goes into working at a church during a very busy time of the year. Yes, I had a hard time even getting a deep breath yesterday, and I wanted to cry on more than one occasion. 

And yet.

Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus rose again. And as I surrender to the new life that He births in me, I can abstain - one day at a time - from compulsive overeating. 

Thanks be to God for DAY TEN. A fresh start, a new beginning. Peace, joy, hope and new life to ALL of you: Christian, atheist, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, agnostic, Hindu. Happiness. Joy. Freedom.


Former Life Girl said...

Amen! Through Christ we can do all things. Congrats on 10 days!

Diary Of A Food Fighter said...

I am so happy to see you are back on track! "Nothing tastes as good as abstinence feels! - ain't THAT the truth!

Beth said...

Thank you for sharing your journey, Charlie! You inspired me to go to OA, and I have 3 days (almost) of abstinent eating. I have a sponsor now, and am on Step 1. God used you, and I thank you!
In Christ,

Marla Singer said...

Hi, I'm eighteen and I think I have an oveareating disorder. Could you help me?
I'm sorry to bother, but I have no idea how to deal with this.

Please contact me though my blog or e-mail

Thank you!

Pat Porter said...

Hi Charlie..
I am a complusive over eater....I do not eat because I am sad..or happy..or guilty or mad. I overeat because I am awake. I think there must be something very very wrong with me. I think I have a screw loose. I am 63 yrs old and have fought this battle all my life. I have worked the 12 steps and done my inventory and made my ammends and talked with those whom I have offended and who have offended me. But I think I am fighting this battle alone and have not actually laid it all out and admitted to MYSELF that I am powerless over food. I have lost 102.5 pounds on Weight Watchers and they have shown me how to eat and the science of losing the weight. But..still..there is that CONSTANT thought of food..24 hours a damn day. I am always thinking about food...I am exhausted over it. Food and its constant nagging in my brain had totally worn me down and worn me out. Only another food addict can know this feeling.
Pat Porter

Sharrye said...

I've just read your blog from end to end, from your failures to your devastations to your triumphs, and I must say I'm scared for you. For almost 2 years in the beginning you kept saying you would help yourself with God's help. Then you would fail. Then you would say it again. Then you would fail. Then it's like it finally hit you that God works through people and you grasped the hand of OA-HOW AND GOD and you were ok again. But somewhere along the line you forgot you were an addict and wanted to be just a regular guy on a diet. Now your posts sound like the ones from where you first started off. You're addicted to sugar and starches. Your body does not process them the way a normal person's does. That's why it's so hard for you to give up alcohol. It's processed into sugar inside our bodies. You kept saying alcohol was no big deal but that's all you talked about wanting. Please re-read your blog. Please see that the darkness is returning cm by cm. You prayed over and over for help and God sent you OA-HOW. Please don't reject the people God used to answer your prayers. Wishing you much success. You deserve it.

Sabilon said...

Charlie, where and how are you? Please get in touch. Maybe you want to have a look at my blog again? I've just started writing again. It's the 'compulsive overeater link' you've got on your blog. My laptop is having difficulties today, can't go to that page, sorry, to look it up for you. Hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I see you haven't blogged in a while. I hope all is well.

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Anonymous said...

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Saatchirad said...

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