Thursday, June 9, 2011

Needs vs. Wants, Sleep vs. Food

My name is Charlie. I'm a compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

What I need is sleep. What I want is food. I think this photo sums it up:

The good news is that I'm still abstinent. Tomorrow will be ten months of freedom from compulsive overeating. Thank You, God.

Now, good night.


FredT said...

Hi Charlie:
I just stumbled across your blog.
I am also a long time OA, but not HOW. I work on all three aspects of the program now, the physical through increasing my food, physiology and bio-chemistry knowledge, emotional, and spiritual through examination of philosophy surrounding diet and exercise. This has greatly aid me in staying away from my hedonic foods, sugar, grains, nuts, cheese, and a few others.
Keep up the fine effort.

Annie Nonymous said...

Ten months of abstinence!! Congratulations to you! One day at a time. I hope that you enjoyed one more day of freedom from food today.


Jo Ann Daszuta said...

I just want to quit eating, I want to walk into my closet and be happy that something fits me............I am tired of making excuses not to do things because I'm too fat=and I know I'm not that bad off yes I'm 5'2" and weigh 170-its obese but its attainable to lose 20 lbs. maybe 30

nice reading your blog

Sabilon said...

Hi Charlie, Long time no hear. Pleased to read that you are still abstinent. I relate to wanting food when I need sleep. That is one of my major food traps. I need sleep now (but don't want food...). It's 4.21am here, and I can't sleep, have an achy neck. All the best!

Charlie O. Edinburgh said...

Hey thanks, Everyone... I really appreciate the encouragement!