Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hanging In There

Charlie, compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

I'm still abstinent, by my old definition of abstinence (the HOW plan), and I'm feeling weak. But I'm grateful that in my weakness, God is strong, and I can release my pain and my cravings to God. I am always surprised at how HARD early abstinence is!

Thanks for caring...


The Binge Diary said...

Are you supposed to feel week? Is tht unhealthy? The HOW plan scares me. How did you get into it?

Charlie O. Edinburgh said...

Hi! Thanks for checking in! I'm not feeling weak physically... I'm feeling weak emotionally and mentally... as in, "I am about to crack and eat an entire cake" weak. :) I got into the HOW plan by accident, just from reading stuff online. I never attended HOW meetings, just began defining my abstinence by it. I felt awesome serenity and got a lot of physical recovery too... Lost 65 pounds. This was three or four years ago now. I had a milkshake and basically that was the beginning of the end. I was abstinent on the HOW plan for 7 months before I relapsed. I loved it. It gave me structure and took away choice, which so often trips me up.