Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm So Beautiful

Hi, I'm Charlie, a compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

I don't know how "beautiful" I feel today, but maybe it's time to announce to the world that I am the humbled and grateful recipient of the "Beautiful Blogger Award" from The Binge Diary.

Now, the rules of the award are as follows:

1. I must tell you 7 things about myself that you do not already know.
2. I get to pass on this award to 7 beautiful bloggers that I follow regularly.

So, without any further ado:

1. I have recently switched my favorite soda/pop. For decades, I've been a Diet Coke man. Now, inexplicably, I'm drinking a lot of Diet A&W Root Beer. Love it. And no caffeine, right? It's practically a health drink. :)

2. In my house, I'm responsible for the dishes. My wife does the laundry. We share the rest. It makes things a lot simpler.

3. We have two pets in our house... a Bearded Dragon and a Holland Lop. One of my sons is allergic to dogs and cats.

4. I have a brother and a sister. I'm the oldest at 38. My sister is 35, and my brother is 30.

5. I love grammar, and I almost pursued a degree in English. In fact, I was an English major for a year before a music professor convinced me to change my major to Music Education. I graduated from college in 1995 with a Music Ed. degree, voice emphasis.

6. I have over 18,000 songs on my iPod. I know, I know... No, I didn't purchase all of them. Many are ripped from my vast CD collection, many are legit purchases, many are special freebies I found online, also legit, and many are plain old, flat-out illegal downloads or ripped from friends or the library. I suppose I'll have to deal with that in my stepwork.

7. I have read the Harry Potter series many times. I've read books 1-4 four times, book 5 two-and-a-half times, book 6 twice and book 7 once. Why? I discovered the series myself after book 4 had come out, so I read them all to myself. Then I read them aloud to my oldest son. He and I read book 5 together. Then I read books 1-5 aloud to my middle son. While I was doing that, book 6 came out, and I read it aloud to my oldest son. Then I read it again to my middle son, then book 7 came out, so I read it aloud to my two older sons. Now I'm reading the whole series to my twins, and we're on book five. ::Whew::

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innerpilgrimage said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog as one of the seven you consider beautiful. I appreciate it very much.

Yours was the first OA blog I crossed, and I learned a lot from your experiences. Thank you for writing about the struggle with addiction and the hope that a 12-Step program's spiritual answer can provide.

Misterimpatient said...

Thanks Charlie for the award. I can't think of seven things to tell people that they don't already know that I would be happy to tell the world. My sponsor already knows them :-)

I will think about it though.I realize it isn't required to pass on the award immediately.

recoveringanorexic said...

Thanks for tagging me. :-D

Down in Sunny San Diego said...

Thanks for including me. I so enjoy reading your blog, even when you struggle, because I relate on so many levels. One compulsive overeater to another.

recoverydiscovery said...

Thanks so much for including me! What a pertinent award for the recovery-blog set: we are beautiful, whether we believe it every day or not! remind me i said that next time i feel the need to gripe about my body...

And congrats on your beautiful award, too. You definitely deserve it :)

The Binge Diary said...

Glad you posted this! I am also glad to look at some of the blogs you read! Thanks :)