Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day Four

I'm Charlie, a grateful recovering compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

I'm finding my recovery again, one day at a time. So thankful.

Yesterday I had a *tiny* bit of slippery behavior, and I just want to share it. We had a staff Christmas party and I did really, really well. I had chicken and green beans and salad. I left this enormous mound of rice on my plate, and I turned down the dessert. Score! I *did* have some wine, and that's OK on my plan. On a strict HOW diet, it's not OK, but I'm on a "modified" HOW diet of my own making. Alcohol has never been a problem for me, so I allow myself a treat now and then.

Anyway, the real slippery stuff came when I got home. I guess I had been feeling deprived or something. There were some sausage slices on the table, technically within my food plan. I ate probably 10 bite-size chunks.

Not a huge thing, but I want to keep talking about it.

I was down in weight today. I know that's not the whole point, but I'm grateful! Oddly, it's often when I lose a bit of weight that I start to rationalize and let things slip.

Thanks for letting me share!


Jess said...

Good work keeping on keeping on your food plan! I know I have some near misses some days, and it takes really giving it up to my Higher Power.

Though today, I was a bit of a monster because it's the holidays and this year I'm not eating my sadness away. So I got a little monstery, which went away when reason was applied.

The Holiday Eating Season is a tricky thing for a compulsive overeater . . . we seem to be able to navigate the peaceful ebb and flow of most other times of the year; when it comes to the holidays, we are in some wicked whitewater rapids, just trying to keep from inverting or falling off.

Charlie O. Edinburgh said...

Thank you, Jess... Yes, the holidays are tough. It's OK to be a monster sometimes. You R Loved. :)