Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day Fourteen

My name is Charlie, and I'm compulsive overeater.

::Hi, Charlie!::

Two weeks. What a gift of willingness from God. I am so grateful.

It's Holiday Eating Season here in my part of the country (and I know all over!). Just this morning someone from my office gave me a delicious little bag full of sweet Chex mix. Oh man. That is right up my alley. But I brought it home, and I'll give it to the kids tonight.

I gotta run. SO busy right now. God, give me serenity. Give me strength. Give me peace. Give me a great SUNDAY this week, and all the practices leading up to Sunday... tomorrow night, Thursday night, Saturday morning, Sunday early morning... Peace in the storm.

Talk to you later! Thanks for coming and reading!


Jess said...

Hooray! Two weeks of abstinence is awesome, and it's so cool that you're doing so well despite the temptation all around.

Even in the last two weeks, it's like you're opening up to your life outside food again (like when I first started reading your blog a few months ago), and that confidence is coming back and you're shining. Busy, yet shining.

Congrats on two weeks, and one day at a time you will beat this. Just make it to bedtime and worry about tomorrow's abstinence when it arrives tomorrow morning.

Charlie O. Edinburgh said...

Jess, I love that you can see recovery in me. Thanks for your constant encouragement.